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Three Pathways to a more calm, compassionate, & connected family


C Kids Thrive supports neurodivergent children with Autism, ADHD, 2e, & emotional/social/behavioural, & learning challenges to thrive.

Move from uncertainty to confidence on the best way to support your neurodivergent child through experiencing a compassionate group program. Transform to achieve deeper understanding, connection and confidence to respectfully support your child to thrive.

For parents/care-givers of twice-exceptional children that are passionate about igniting their children's gifts while supporting their challenges. Meet weekly with other parents for a deep dive into compassionate, neuroscience based group support to move your family from chaos to calm, from conflict to connection, and from uncertainty to confidence. 

C 2e KIDS THRIVE Membership

2e group parent coaching


  • Weekly Online Group Coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online on-demand THRIVE program
  • Access to latest knowledge on twice-exceptional children
  • Connection with parents of 2e children on a similar parenting journey
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Ignite Communication Institute supports Mums of non-speaking/non-fluent speaking kids to ignite their communication.

Take back your parenting power and feel confident and capable in your ability to support your non-speaking child to communicate. For Mums of non-speaking & non-fluent speaking children that are committed to igniting their communication. Meet weekly online with other Mums also focused on respectfully supporting their children to be confident, calm, & connected. Group-based program with individual & group-based live, targeted, intensive support. Accessible no matter where you live.


Igniting non-speakers communication- group parent coaching


  • Weekly Online Group Coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online on-demand Ignite Communication program
  • Access to latest knowledge on neurodivergent children & communication development
  • Feedback on your child C-B Play session 2x per month
  • Connection with parents of non-speaking/non-fluent speaking children on a similar parenting journey
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Individualised Neurodivergent Family Support

For families that want more individualised wrap-around support. Typically involves psychoeducation coaching with parents, consultation with educational providers (schools, kindergarten, speech therapists etc), and individual coaching with child/siblings, for children that are:

  • twice-exceptional (gifted & e.g. autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphia etc)
  • neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, etc)

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