Transformative, compassionate support for neurodivergent kids & their families to feel CALM, CONFIDENT, CONNECTED & ready to THRIVE


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Ignite Communication Institute Group Membership 

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C Kids Thrive supports neurodivergent children with Autism, ADHD, 2e, & emotional/social/behavioural, & learning challenges to thrive.

Move from uncertainty to confidence on the best way to support your neurodivergent child through experiencing individualised, holistic support for your family. Transform to achieve deeper understanding, connection and confidence to respectfully support your child to thrive.

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Intensive Communication Support

Take back your parenting power and feel confident and capable in your ability to support your non-speaking child to communicate. For Mums that want to respectfully ignite their non-speaking or non-fluent speaking child's communication. Group-based program with individual & group-based live, targeted, intensive support. Accessible no matter where you live.

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Highly engaging presentations focused on paradigm shifts & practical solutions for schools, parent groups, therapists & related professionals with children in their lives requiring additional support (Twice-exceptional, Autism, ADHD, learning challenges, etc).

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Michelle Younghusband is the founder and lead consultant for                    C KIDS THRIVE.

For over 25 years she has supported families and their neurodivergent children all over the world to thrive (Australia, Africa, USA, Malaysia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, UK, Romania and Denmark).

  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA-Psychology Major) 
  • Yoga Teacher (350 hr + extra specialisation in children)

Experienced working with children with various challenges (ASD, ADHD, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Twice-exceptional, Social/Emotional/Communication/Behavioural Challenges & Learning Differences) 

 Michelle is an Australian based in Denmark providing individualised & group ongoing program supervision/support to families both in Europe (in person & online) & Internationally (Online)


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C KIDS THRIVE Individualised Family Support


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What can you expect from C KIDS Thrive?

C KIDS THRIVE is all about moving your neurodivergent child from struggling to thriving. C KIDS THRIVE uses compassionate neuropsychology to increase your child's & families' calm, compassion, communication, confidence and connection.  No matter which program your take, C KIDS Thrive has your back. 

Family Support-individualised & ongoing

For families that want more individualised wrap-around support. Typically involves psychoeducation coaching with parents, consultation with educational providers (schools, kindergarten, speech therapists etc), and individual coaching with child/siblings, for children that are:

  • twice-exceptional (gifted & e.g. autistic, ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphia etc)
  • neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, etc)

C 2e KIDS THRIVE Membership-Group Coaching

For parents/care-givers of twice-exceptional children that are passionate about igniting their children's gifts while supporting their challenges. Meet weekly with other parents for a deep dive into compassionate, neuroscience based group support to move your family from chaos to calm, from conflict to connection, and from uncertainty to confidence. 

Ignite Communication Institute Membership-  Group Coaching 

For Mums of non-speaking & non-fluent speaking children that are committed to igniting their communication. Meet weekly online with other Mums also focused on respectfully supporting their children to be confident, calm, & connected.

C 2e KIDS THRIVE Membership

USD$40 or €40/month

2e group parent coaching

  • Weekly Online Group Coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online on-demand THRIVE program
  • Access to latest knowledge on twice-exceptional children
  • Connection with parents of 2e children on a similar parenting journey
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Ignite Communication Insitute Membership

USD$40 or €40/month

Igniting non-speakers communication- group parent coaching

  • Weekly Online Group Coaching
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Online on-demand Ignite Communication program
  • Access to latest knowledge on neurodivergent children & communication development
  • Weekly feedback on your C-B Play sessions
  • Connection with parents of non-speaking/non-fluent speaking children on a similar parenting journey
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Mum to 5 year old son Malaysia

"With Michelle's support my autistic child went from non-speaking at 3 years old to independently attending mainstream school, having friends, and excellent communication skills. I would recommend Michelle to any parents of an austistc child that isn't speaking" 



Mum to 10 year old daughter Europe

It is rare to encounter a specialist who really gets our child. She really looks for the gold and brings it to the surface, and she does this with us as parents also. Having Michelle's help in advocacy, coordination of services, training, direct therapy and parent training has been invaluable. I can't recommend her highly enough! 

Mum to 14 year old daughter Denmark

Michelle is not only skilled professionally, she shows incredible human insight. Michelle built an incredibly close relationship with our daughter, both as a professional but also as a human being. She has an eye for individual learning style and a large part of Michelle's teaching has been through physical movement. In our case, through dance, which is our daughter's greatest interest. Michelle manages with her always infectious mood to make the teaching interesting at the same time our daughter has gained significantly greater self-esteem. We can warmly recommend Michelle to others to make a difference for their children both academically and personally.

Minette and Damir Parents to teen & young adult Europe
"Michelle's empathy, dedication, knowledge, and experience shine through every interaction she has with parents!  My husband consistently comes away from her group coaching feeling more reassured and relaxed, confident that we are in good hands and getting good information. He especially appreciates her positive and encouraging attitude, which makes it a lot easier for him to feel like he can implement what he learns. We are both really impressed by the wealth of resources and practical advice she has at her fingertips for parenting all flavours of neurodivergent and complex kids. We would recommend working with Michelle 100%!"    
C Kids Thrive

"Strives for all children to have a positive self-identity."

Ignite Communication Institute

"Bi-directional communication, calm & connection are the focus in Communication-Based Play"

See  your child & family thrive, even if it is a struggle now 


You don't have to be a professional to find the right pathway for your child & family. C Kids Thrive is focused on empowering & equipping parents with cutting edge knowledge & the confidence to create compassionate, collaborative partnerships within their families & with professionals. Join our positive neurodivergent movement to celebrate our unique, talented, kids to increase communication, calm, confidence, & connection. Join to see you child THRIVE. 

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