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From Michelle:


I've always loved to work with neurodivergent children (Autistic, ADHD, 2e, Dyslexic, etc). That's why I have continued to work with these wonderful kids for over 25 years. After having my own neurodivergent children, I realised that typical parenting advice didn't work for complex children.

Completing my Social Work Masters (when my kids were toddlers); consolidated my knowledge that our children need radically different parenting and teaching approaches.

My work with children and parents is focused on current neuroscience of behaviour, & development. As I become more accepting of my neurodivergence; I have deepened into my focus on strengths, compassion, radical acceptance, and connection over task/goal completion.

I'm originally from Australia and now live in sunny Demark with my two children and Danish husband. Ok... the sunny part is relative (after a long, dark winter, summer does seem warm and sunny).  I love spending time with my family and my tweens find me ... sooo embarrassing at times. Though they are still ok to be seen in public with me-so enjoying that while I still can.  

I have a knack for connecting with neurodivergent children & teens-often being the only counsellor they will agree to see. That's because I truly enjoy their company and understand on a personal level the strengths & challenges of being neurodivergent.

The families I work with move from a place of stress and worry about their child's future...to a deeper understanding of their child's unique wiring, closer relationships, reduced conflict, and a belief that their child will THRIVE.

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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It is rare to encounter a specialist who really gets our child. She really looks for the gold and brings it to the surface, and she does this with us as parents also. Having Michelle's help in advocacy, coordination of services, training, direct therapy and parent training has been invaluable. I can't recommend her highly enough! 

-Mum to 10 year old, Europe



Michelle built an incredibly close relationship with our daughter, both as a professional but also as a human being. She has an eye for individual learning style and manages with her always infectious mood to make the teaching interesting at the same time our daughter has gained significantly greater self-esteem. We can warmly recommend Michelle to others to make a difference for their children both academically and personally. 

-Mum to 14 year old, Denmark


"Michelle's empathy, dedication, knowledge, and experience shine through every interaction she has with parents!  My husband consistently comes away from her group coaching feeling more reassured and relaxed, confident that we are in good hands and getting good information. He especially appreciates her positive and encouraging attitude, which makes it a lot easier for him to feel like he can implement what he learns. We are both really impressed by the wealth of resources and practical advice she has at her fingertips for parenting all flavours of neurodivergent and complex kids. We would recommend working with Michelle 100%!".

-Parents to teen & young adult, Europe

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