You Are Ready To Ignite Your Child's Communication

You're a mum that continues to search for the best approach for your non-speaking child. As a mother of neurodivergent children, I understand that drive to ensure that our children are respected, understood, and supported to thrive. It is both professionally and personally important to me that you find the best next step for your family. Our time and resources are valuable. If you're ready and committed to deepen your understanding and connection with your non-speaking (non-fluent speaking) child to ignite their communication, then let's chat.

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Wrap-Around Support

  • Your journey in the 12-Week Ignite Communication Pathway will begin with a 60-minute call with me to understand how I can best support you and answer any burning questions you have.
  • To ensure success we will also meet bi-weekly for live parent training sessions with you, your child & myself.
  • To keep accountability and connection strong we will meet as a group (online & max. 10 mums per cohort) each week. 
  • The 12-Week Pathway will conclude with another 60-minute call with me to establish your ongoing success
  • If you have further questions as we move through the 12-Week Pathway I will just be an email away from to support you to find the answer.

Communication-Based Play

  • To ensure that you feel confident to interact with your child using Communication-Based Play, we will meet bi-weekly with your child in live 30-minute coaching sessions where I will observe your play and interactions with your child. We will then have a chat where I will give you compassionate suggestions to ensure that strong communication bridges are created and that your child’s communication flourishes.
  • Each week new resources will be released online and you can watch at a time that best suits you. You will have further opportunities to explore the information via our weekly group calls, in the online community, and in our live parent training sessions. The resources are designed to be easy to fit into a busy mums schedule. 
  • Communication-Based Play is a non-coercive, play-based perspective that builds a non-speaking child's autonomy, compassion (to self & others), and respectful connection (to self & others) through communication. The goal is deeper relationships through communication.

Ignite Communication Community

  • You will join with 9 other amazing mums and experience the 12-week journey together. Each week we will all meet online for an hour to share wins and challenges of the past week. This is a place for you to connect with other mums on a similar journey. Other mums that understand the complexity and joys of parenting a non-speaking child. 
  • You can also join the community online for further connection, accountability and a place to also get your questions answered.


Let's chat and find out your next step to ignite your non-speaking child's communication.


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